Buying generic antibiotics, man usually ask the questions:

What are Antibiotics?

Antibiotic is translated from Greek as “against life.” Antibiotics are the substances that inhibit the growth of living prokaryotic and protozoa cells. In reality, no one is fighting for our lives as they are. Since 1928, when the English microbiologist Fleming Penicillin invented penicillin and practically launched the revolution in the sphere of antimicrobial agents, antibiotics have saved millions of lives and have won previously incurable disease. But even today the most effective antibiotics are not a panacea. And often we are to blame for this, because even ancient doctors said: “strong medicine in the hands of inexperienced people is like a sword in the hands of a mad person.”

Why Choose Generic Antibiotics?

Antibiotics are very expensive group of drugs. The value of “old” antibiotics is more or less acceptable, but the new generic antibiotics cost is incredibly high. This price is not surprising, as the developers of a new antibiotic spend about 1 billion US dollars.

Generics antibiotics has long been known under a different trade name. These drugs often cost less than the original drug, but there are also the opposite cases.

Generic drug has the same active ingredient as the original drug, but a different trade name.

Prescribing antibiotic therapy, a doctor may offer the original drug as well as its generic (in most cases).

So if your doctor prescribed an expensive antibiotic to you, do not rush to spend all your money. Perhaps, it has a cheaper generic drug, which you can buy online in our pharmacy.

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Let us introducing the “hits” of popular myths and facts about generic antibiotics.

1. Antibiotics may be prescribed only by a doctor (TRUE)

“Why do I need a doctor? I’ll better read about your symptoms in the Internet, identify the disease and prescribe treatment with antibiotics generic antibiotics over the counter”. Twenty years ago doctors did not know that the Internet can become their “competitor”, most successful and competent. Nowadays there are many cases when the doctor has to “re-treat” a patient who appointed antibiotics on his own, naively believing that the collective mind of the Internet is much smarter than a usual district clinic therapist. Forget about it! Only a specialist can determine your disease and prescribe the treatment with antibiotics! Trust your doctor, not anonymous advisers on the forums, and then you do not have to wonder how to dilute the dry antibiotic – with saline water for injection or Novocaine. Yes, your local therapist answers all these and many other questions.

2. The price of antibiotics is proportional to their effectiveness (MYTH)

Marketers have noticed long ago – the cheaper the product is, the less we trust it. This misconception is often working against us at the choice of antibiotics. We begin to argue with the doctor: “How can you prescribe a medicine for 3 dollars, when there is a preparation for 10 dollars! Surely it is more efficient as it is more expensive! And the treatment course will be less, and there will be no complications and side-effects.” Keep in mind, in some diseases even elementary penicillin will work faster and “softer” than modern synthetic drugs.

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Again, the decisive factor will be your doctor’s recommendations and tests for sensitivity to antibiotics. If the doctor assigns you a drug that has a serious impact on the family budget, be sure to ask if there is any other medication – “generic”, ie preparation of exactly the same composition, but different in price and a name. Nowadays generics have gained a great popularity. People prefer to sace their money, purchasing a preparation of the same high quality!

Explore the most effective generic antibiotics in catalogueAmoxicillin, Zithromax, Cephalexin, Tetracycline, Stromectol.

3. Antibiotics do not treat a cold (TRUE)

A modern man includes a wide range of diseases in a word “cold” – from herpes to the flu and sore throat. Here again, you need to return to the first point of our hit parade and not try to heal yourself independently.

Remember the main thing – antibiotics can’t fight the viruses that cause a cold: the weakened body will function even harder when you start to stuff yourself with expensive, powerful and … useless, for example in case of flu, antibiotics.

4. Antibiotics and alcohol are incompatible (TRUE)

glass of wineThat’s what you have heard probably hundreds of times.

At any party there is always a man with a sad expression on his face, doomed. If you ask him; “Why don’t you drink today?”, he utters in a barely audible voice: “I’m on antibiotics.” It would seem: what to sad about? You are doing a useful thing for your body, taking the necessary preparations. Some people give up and famously say: “Pour!”

You are lucky if the simultaneous consumption of alcohol and antibiotics will respond with “only” a serious load on the liver. Combination of alcohol and antibiotics may cause severe side effects:

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Besides, alcohol decreases or increases the effects of drugs that may violate the regimen.

But not everything is so categorical. If you know your measure, one glass of wine “for the company” along with a course of antibiotics is appropriate. One thing is drug in the blood, and quite another is a tablet, mixed with alcohol in the stomach.

5. You feel better – you may stop swallowing pills. Otherwise, you may harm the body (MYTH)

More than a century ago people treated the invention of scientists – antibiotics – with caution. And we must say, not in vain. The first antibiotics had a lot of side effects, were toxic and the whole antibiotic experience was gained by trials and errors. From here and all our fears that we gave the parents, and they – their parents. Be sure, modern drugs are much safer than their predecessors.

That is why, a course of antibiotics prescribed by a doctor should be followed strictly. Moreover, the multiplicity must also be taken into account, ie, three times a day is a technique with approximately equal intervals to maintain the concentration of drug in the blood.

Further, even if you feel an improvement on the third-fourth day of reception of antibiotics, do not stop taking them in any case. The course must be completed, otherwise you risk getting acquainted with the term “antimicrobial resistance“, or resistance to this type of drug, and, as a result – a new course of another antibiotic, a new load on the body.

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