Mobile App Or Website Reasons Why Apps Are Better for Ordering Meds

With the development of technology, the percentage of mobile device users is increasing, today it is several times more than desktop PC users. Consequently, the demand for conventional websites is falling. The website and the app are interconnected in their functionality and complement each other. There are consumers who are not yet sure about the effectiveness of the mobile app and stick to the website in the old fashioned way. Also, the choice is influenced by how convenient it will be for the audience to use the app or the website. In this article, we will dispel your doubts and try to prove that using a mobile app for ordering meds is more convenient than through the web version of the site.

The Difference Between Mobile Apps and Websites

Mobile apps are apps designed to use on mobile devices such as smartphones. Websites run on computing devices such as laptops or personal computers. Mobile apps are developed using native cross-platform environments to make them compatible with all types of devices. Mobile apps are designed to be easily rendered or customized for smaller displays for portable devices. Mobile apps are easier to use and nowadays they have gained a lot of popularity and are used by many users when they have mobility and can be used at any time. Mobile apps are easily scalable depending on the device and its screen size, such as mobile, smartphone, different screen sizes, tablets and different screen sizes. Mobile apps mostly come in different versions, for example from different manufacturers like Android from Google or iOS from Apple or Blackberry or a few other cross-platform apps.

Websites are web apps that can be opened directly from any web browser using any laptop or personal computer, and can even be opened on mobile browsers that are compatible and make it easy to scale the screen size or app on the display. Mobile apps provide a wide range of options and are perfect for various operations.

The picture below shows the main differences between the pharmacy website and the mobile app:

Mobile App Or Website 8 Reasons Why Apps Are Better for Ordering Meds

Next, let’s look at the benefits of a pharmacy app in more detail.

Top 8 Reasons to Use a Mobile App for Ordering Meds

The main advantage of a pharmacy app over a website is user friendliness. When the pharmacy is literally in your pocket, it is much easier to keep track of new medicines, discounts and great offers, and the product you need will get in your shopping cart much faster.

Convenient interface

Mobile apps usually offer an intuitive and familiar user interface, making it easy to order drugs, contact the customer support, track order, and perform other actions. The clear design allows consumers to immediately dive into the mobile app and start using it. Owners of specific operating systems can enjoy the expected functionality. Responsive websites cannot always guarantee a standard look and feel.

With the meds app, you can order medicines in a few seconds. All that needs to be done is to click on the icon to launch the pharmacy app, select the desired meds and submit the order.

There are additional options in the app that simplify the interaction with the pharmacy:

Push notifications

Push notification is a powerful marketing tool that informs customers about promotions and new products. As you know, web versions of sites also have notifications, but only for Android and Google Chrome. Thus, if you allow push notifications in the online pharmacy app, you are guaranteed not to miss current drug discounts, special offers and order status notifications.


Device capabilities

Mobile apps can access and use built-in device features such as camera, GPS, location, etc. Using the capabilities of the device leads to a richer user experience. For example, the ability to automatically use GPS and location data allows pharmacy apps to send you special offers for your location.


As you use the mobile app, you may have questions, suggestions and complaints, and most pharmacies strive to provide a reliable channel of communication with technical support.

Mobile apps offer to quickly solve the problem and get answers to questions via text chat, phone, or mail.

In addition, it is easier to upload photos and process order returns from your smartphone.


A web site development allows the pharmacy to personalize data about customers and their preferences. The user sets his preferences, after which the company can customize the content that suits the needs of each client. An online pharmacy app is also good because it stores all your personal information and history or all orders, saves your interactionwith the drugstore and geo-location. To perform its functions, the software uses all the capabilities of the device, for example: camera, GPS, access to contacts and calls.


Mobile software is convenient because of various gestures: touch, hold, swipe, etc. A well-designed pharmacy app performs actions much faster than a website. This is due to the location of app data storage, they are stored in the device itself, and sites use servers, therefore, app receive data almost instantly. Technically, you can justify the moment of app speed,. The fact is that sites perform functions using java scripts, and app development is based on a structure that works several times faster than javascript.

Simple payments

Mobile apps make payments easier, faster and more secure than web versions of sites. The app can remember, for example, the payment options you use regularly, which improves the user experience and simplifies the purchase process.

A pharmacy mobile app usually has a form for linking a customer card and setting up payment with Google and Apple Pay. The last option will allow you to instantly pay for items in your app using your fingerprint. If you link a card to your app, you will save yourself from having to spend time entering its data with each purchase.

Bonus programs and rewards

You can put nice user-friendly features in the app that are out of place on the website. For example, users of pharmacy discount apps can purchase the medication they are interested in at a price lower than on the website, set up push notifications about discounts on products in their shopping cart and favorites, as well as watch video reviews of products, collecting coins that exchanged for discounts up to 80% of the value of the goods.


Thus, mobile apps are the tool that allows potential customers to get a unique experience with a pharmacy, simplifying interaction with the company and making a purchase as speedyy as possible.

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